Will Jeffreys

“Well when I lived in the States, we were in the Midwest. It seemed quite normal”
“Steve’s family always owned guns so we had them”
“The one we were using was capable of firing 15 rounds a second. And I was like ‘how many bullets do you need to shoot? Does anyone…

Choose someone you admire, it said
And so I scrabbled around in the cupboards
to find
some scrap that I could call to mind
more than just who I’d read about today
a person of admirable quality.
But nothing came. No-one. A blank.

And then unbound, comes bubbling a face

“Are you a cactus? Are you a bird? Are you a chicken? Chicken chicken chicken chicken, fat fat fat, big big big CHICKEN!”

My youngest made this up. I had to learn the words, paying special attention to the fact that there are four repetitions of chicken yet only three…

Early in the morning, and especially when Spring begins and the sun has just a touch more warmth to it, I like to go into the garden and stand. As if I’m an ornament or a tree. Taking little, tiny breaths, I see if I can be an attractive perch…